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Android & iOS Develpment

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Website Desing | Apps Development

From the very beginning of any project we design from scratch anything you need. We design websites, user interfaces for your app, front-ends, back-ends, banners, posters, anything you need for your project. We develop the code, always native code, in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, for Android and iOS devices - Phones and Tablets -. We create online shops for ecommerce.


Apps for phones and tablets

Online shops

Blogs and personal websites

Android and iOS

SEO and Online Marketing

Basically we try to cover any need you'd have when you start a new project from helping you with the design, write the code to make the design work and help you later with the deployment and the SEO, your campaigns, the online stores strategies and sharing one or two tricks we learnt with our previous experiences.

Website Desing, Build, Promote

We create amazing websites to show your work, your new products or your company. From a landing page to an online shop we can build for you anything you want. And when you have your website ready we can help you with your SEO adding all the bits and parts to the code of the website and helping you with the tools.

fully responsive

Create Phone and Tablet Apps

We create, build and develop apps for Android and iOS. We create our own apps and apps for other people that may have this great idea in mind but don't know how to make it. Always writing native code for performance.


Sometimes you have this idea always in your mind wondering if it could be a good idea or the new million dollar idea. In GalCode, we like to listen to your ideas, help you developing them and make them come true.

We can help you creating and giving live to your new projects. Maybe you are starting up a new company or a new business and you need a corporate website to get presence on the internet, or maybe you want to build a new app and get profit on the mobile and phone application industry. Sometimes your mind is full of new ideas but you don't know how to take them out of your mind into the real world. Well, GalCode help you out with all the technical steps, developing the code for you, uploding your apps to the Stores or setting up the servers you need and all the code to make your ideas come true.

How can we help you

Social Networks

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Fully customizable web sites and phone apps

All the projects developed are designed and custom-made for each client.

Personal Websites

To promote your activity on internet

  • Custom and responsive design.
  • Integrated with social networks
  • Newsletter for news
  • Multi language
  • Optimization for SEO + Integration with Google Analytics
  • Integrated blog on the wesite

Corporate Websites

Today, if your company has no website it doesn't exists.

  • Custom and responsive design.
  • Integrated with social networks
  • Newsletter for news
  • Multi language
  • Optimization for SEO + Integration with Google Analytics
  • Integrated blog on the wesite
  • Auto-editable website

Landing Pages

Simple but very effective for promotion.

  • Custom and responsive design.
  • Integrated with social networks
  • Multi language
  • Optimization for SEO + Integration with Google Analytics

Smartphone Applications

Do you have a brilliant idea and you want to develop it and you don't know how?

  • For Android and iOS
  • Native language coding
  • With login for users and data bases
  • For smartphones and tablets
  • Uploaded to the main app stores

Web design, app development, online shops and global solutions.

In Galcode we develop solutions for single people and companies that envolve the design of websites, the development of apps for any mobile platform like Android and iOS, the creation of online shops for ecommerce and selling products from your website and all the tools to improve your SEO and get better results for your online positioning of your business. We search for global solutions that can cover any needs of our clients to develop their activity on the internet using web and mobile applications.


From Ourense to the world

We love to work with local companies and people from our small city, Orense, but we also love to work with clients and companies from Galicia, Spain and any other place in the world.

Thanks to the new technologies, video conferences, email, chats and shared files and folders, we can work, design and develop the websites and apps like we were sitting right in the same table with our clients.

If you have a project in your mind or you want to renew your website or your phone app, you only need to get in touch with us and we can begin with all the development process wherever you are in the world.