Nobody should smoke ever, it is a really bad and dangerous habit. But if you are a smoker and you want to quit and you don't know how or you are not strong enough, here you have the perfect app.

Quit smoking never became more social because now you can help your friends and they can help you quit smoking.

With fast access from the Today Menu Widget in your device so you don't even need to open your app to annotate that you smoked a cigarette.

This app will help you to realize what does it mean to you smoking. It will use statistics to help you know how much money means smoking, how often you smoke, where, when... And hopefully with all this information you can analyze your habit and decide how to and what is the best method for you to quit smoking.

When you realize about all of this information you will want to quit immediately.


  • Able to keep track on different cigarette brands if you use to smoke more than one.
  • Time counter to keep track when was your last cigarette to help you realize how often you smoke.
  • Money counter to keep all the money wasted smoking.
  • Statistics about the money you spend and spent smoking, about your health, about you smoking habits, when do you smoke more during the days..., statistics about how many cigarettes you smoke every day, week, month, and year.

Smoking never was so social

Now you can check out how your friends are doing while quit smoking.

You can review and let your friends see how are you doing, check some of your data, when did you smoke the last, how are you doing with your daily goal, ...

Besides, you can send some motivational messages to your friends and receive some messages from them to encourage you quit smoking.

And if you don't want any help you can block your friends and keep everything private.

Smoking is an habit, very bad and dangerous habit and the best way to help you cut down and quit is to analyze and see when, where, and how many cigarettes you smoke.

When you use the app, you can save many different data:

  • The time when you smoked each cigarette.
  • The anxiaty level you felt when you smoked.
  • Where o which situation you were when you smoked (Drinking a coffe, working, driving, hanging out with friends, ...)
  • If you actually needed that cigarette or you could skip that one

Saving all this data when you smoke, will help you then, using the statistics, to realize when you can cut down smoking.

Using all this data will show you how are you improving or when you need a bigger effort.

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