Advertise in MatchUp Padel

Service of advertising inside the Android app.

This service is oriented to online shops, blogs, apps, ... directed to the world of padel that want to advertise their procucts or services across the Android app MatchUp Padel. With this service they will be able to publish advertising banners directed to users of the app.

The direct benefict of publishing your website, blog, shop or app inside of our app is that your advertising will be directed oriented to padel tennis players so the impact of your campaigns will be optimized.

Spots for advertising

Two advertising spots can be selected inside the app:


These spaces are the classic banners with information or offers of your products, services or activities. They are formed of an imagen and a URL towards the page you want to promote.

Banner publicidad MatchUp Padel


Advertising in the loading pages of the app. The users will see these advertising spots meanwhile the app is loading under the text "Sponsored by:".

Patrocinador MatchUp Padel Patrocinador MatchUp Padel

Besides, these advertising spots will be also published on our website to increase the impact of your campaigns. espacios publicidad en la pagina web

Pricing of the advertising

The advertising spots can be hired in two ways: impressions and clicks.

Impressions: this is the number of times your advertising is shown to our users.

Clicks: number of times our users tap on your advertising and follow the link.

Banners Sponsors
Impressions Clicks Impressions Clicks
25 2€ 10€ 1€ 5€
50 3€ 15€ 2€ 10€
100 5€ 25€ 3€ 15€
500 20€ -- 10€ --
1000 30€ -- 15€ --

Hire advertising

If you are interested in hiring some of our advertising spots or you have any question, you can contact us on or using the contact form.

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