Process to Design Websites and Mobile Apps

In GalCode, we are very proud to say that we trust in our work process with a 100% of client satisfaction. Using this 6 easy steps process we have created sharp and amazing websites, beautiful and highly engaging user experience applications, powerful and very complex systems with webapps and distributed systems running fast and easy.

Steps of our process

Graph of our process
First contact. This is an early stage when we listen to the idea, needs or specifications the clients need.
Craft a new shinny design following the specs that our clients want from us until they are completely satisfied.
Translate all the ideas to code and fix every problem and need that are demanded to accomplish the requirements of every project.
Finish all the technical and coding stages to a highly functional system. The project is ready for review.
Time to review, refine, test and prepare the product to hand it to the client.
Launch the project, present and make the product public in all the medias, stores and networks.

We make your ideas come true

We use the latest and most advanced tools and technologies to create global digital systems to bring the projects of our clients to life.

We produce complex system to give our clients the best solutions to their projects, from simple websites or applications for smartphones to more advanced solutions with webapps integrated with server side proccessing and phone or tablet client native applications. This gives us a position where we can offer a whole variaty of products to cover any aspect of the business of our clients.

Process Image 1
Process Image 2