FUN is what you are looking for with this game.

It will challenge your reflex and visual speed as the levels step up. Tons of fun playing with two different modes:

  • TestMe: test your visual respond and be the fastest in Game Center.
  • Challenge: go across all the different levels and try to beat all marks. But be careful because it is getting harder every level.

Get ready to have lot of hours of fun and beat your friends in Game Center and become the world first!!

The game is as easy and addictive as it can be.

Go into Challenge mode and tap the circles that appear as soon as you can and before the timer gets to 0. As fast as you hit the circles you will earn more points and faster.

While earning points, you will get also Shields and Helps.

  • The Shields will protect you from friends that want to steal points from you.
  • You can use the Helps at any point you want to clear the screen of all the circles at once.

Now you have really fun with your friends playing this game.

If you want to get more points and get to the top of your friends or the global chart you can get them playing in the Challenge mode

or go and steal them from your friends.

Just tap on the friend you want and use the slider to select how many points you want to get from them.

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